Florence Duomo

Florence from home – The Duomo

View the breathtaking dome of Florence’s famous duomo without leaving your seat!

UPDATE, 26 MAY 2020: As Italy slowly begins to reopen, public access into the duomo has resumed. As such, the virtual tour is no longer available online. Instead, enjoy a virtual tour of the whole city of Florence with Google Arts and Culture! Click our updated link below to explore the entire city.

Walking inside the stunning and imposing duomo of Florence is near the top of any sightseers’ list when visiting the Tuscan capital. With an interior just as incredible as the outside, standing under the massive cupola (dome) and staring up at Giorgio Vasari’s amazing fresco is a must when in Florence.

But while you can’t make the journey to the birthplace of the Renaissance at the moment, you can view this famous piece of architecture on your screen, with a virtual tour!

We know this isn’t as good as being there – few things in life are – however let this serve as inspiration for your next trip abroad. Marvel at this stunning piece of art from the safety of your own home while dreaming of your Italian getaway!

Click here or below to access a virtual tour of Florence – at your own leisure and free!

Florence Duomo