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Istituto Don Bosco (VEV152)Verona, Veneto

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Verona Monastery Stays Easily accessed by train from anywhere in Italy, Verona sits in a picturesque location on the Adige River, in northern Italy between Milan and Venice. With the Alps serving as a backdrop, the city perfectly skirts the line between tourist hub and quiet Italian town.

With plenty to do in the city while also offering easy access to Milan, Venice and Lake Garda, Verona is an ideal location for a Monastery Stays experience.

The immense history of Verona is evident in the wide variety of architecture still present today – from Roman, Medieval and Renaissance times.

Such history can be seen in the wide open public spaces, all the way down to minute details on houses and buildings in the quiet backstreets.

This is an exceptional city and certainly a stop you should consider when travelling around the north of Italy.

Arena di Verona, with Monastery Stays

Why Visit:

There are many reasons to visit Verona, one of which is to experience life in a monastery such as Istituto Don Bosco (VEV152). Other reasons to visit include:

  • Day trips! Venice, Vicenza, Bologna, Lake Garda – just to name a few. Verona is an excellent base to explore Italy’s north. The train system all around the country is terrific, which makes moving around the region fast and affordable.
  • A break from the major Italian towns. While Verona is popular, you won’t find the tourist numbers that you would around the Vatican in Rome or the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Verona can be a welcome break from dense crowds of holiday makers!
  • The climate. Being in the north of Italy, you won’t find the extreme temperatures you would further south. While it will be warm in summer, you can still get around on foot quite comfortably.
  • Cuisine. There are so many restaurants, cafes and gelaterias scattered around the town. Gnocchi and risotto are popular here, you will be able to find a wide variety of these dishes in most restaurants. Enjoying a glass of local Veneto wine and people watching along a piazza is a great way to spend an afternoon.
Torre dei Lamberti, with Monastery Stays

What to do:

Verona is a walkers city. Compact but with plenty to do, the major attractions can all be reached on foot from the doorstep of Istituto Don Bosco (VEV152).

  • Istituto Don Bosco (VEV152) lies near the very heart of the city, only a five minute walk to the imposing Castelvecchio (“old castle”), a 14th century structure which now houses a fascinating museum and gallery. It also offers sweeping views of the Adige River.
  • The Arena di Verona is an immaculately preserved Roman ampitheatre which still holds open air concerts and operas. Further information and tickets are available at
  • Piazza delle Erbe is a bustling square surrounded by gorgeous architecture – here you can climb the Torre dei Lamberti for a perfect view of the terracotta rooftops below, or stick to ground level and peruse the various market stalls.
  • A stone’s throw from Piazza delle Erbe is the famed Casa di Giulietta, where you can see the balcony that reportedly helped inspire Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.
  • In the same general area as the piazza and balcony, you can visit the Scaligeri Tombs – elaborate above ground tombs for members of the Scaligeri family, a prominent Veronese family who ruled the city across the 13th and 14th centuries.
  • Like all Italian cities, the main church in town is also a focal point. The Verona Cathedral has stood since the 12th century and is a grand sight both inside and out. If you are experiencing Verona in the warmer months, the cathedral can be a welcoming place to visit in the middle of the day – the high ceilings and marble floors offer relief from the Italian sun!

Istituto Don Bosco (VEV152)Verona, Veneto

From €30pp/n

A great location and warm, friendly atmosphere awaits at Istituto Don Bosco (VEV152) – the staff here look forward to welcoming you and making your trip to Verona one to remember.

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