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Experience authentic Castelletto di Brenzone, Lake Garda
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The Garda Family House (VEC113)Brenzone, Lake Garda, Veneto

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As a lover of Italy, you will know that Il Bel Paese has something to offer all types of travellers.

Castelletto di Brenzone located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda (northern Italy) is perfect for adventure travelers, hikers, historians and ideal for those just looking to relax by Italy’s largest lake!

Lake Garda is the less famous ‘cousin’ to Lake Como (home to George Clooney), which means it is the best, less expensive, alternative that offers all the idyll’s a lake side retreat or holiday requires.

 Brenzone, Lake Garda Monastery Stays Located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda (northern Italy), Brenzone is one of the most popular holiday destination for northern Europeans and Italians. It is perfectly located about halfway between Milan and Venice – a great weekend escape before heading to the hoards of tourists in San Marco Square and Piazza Duomo.

The town of Castelletto di Brenzone comprises of 16 villages, most of which are situated on the shores of Lake Garda and at the foot of Monte Baldo.

During the medieval period Castelletto di Brenzone came under various stately dominations (Scaliger, Visconti and Carrara) up to the Republic of Venice. During this period, an important family evolved – the Brenzoni “of the Lion”, whose emblem was adopted as the symbol of the town.

Among the various activities rich in the area’s history – the breeding of silkworms, dairy production and the cultivation of olive trees – a very old tradition that lives on today as you will see in the landscape around the lake.

Why Visit:

  • Relax on Italy’s largest lake, take in the beautiful views and gorgeous greenery of the surrounding hills. All of course, with a delicious local meal and wine.
  • Hiking, biking, sailing & landscapes are just some of the great options on offer around Lake Garda. A great holiday destination for anybody looking for outdoor adventure or for those wishing to capture an amazing landscape from one of the goregous hilltop views points.
  • Ideal for groups and family travel. There are great facilities, many dining options on the lakeside – something for everybody to enjoy. Families also have the nearby Gardaland and fantastic themeparks that the kids will love!
  • Day trips to Milan, Venice and Verona. If you are just looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and seeking a peaceful hub between Milan and Venice, then this is an ideal spot. Not just Milan & Venice, but Verona, Venezia and more are all easily accessible for a day trip.

What to do:

  • L’antico borgo di Campo at the foot of Monte Baldo, you will find a quiet and peaceful refuge to forget the stresses of modern life. Full of history, archeology dates the Borgo (Village) as being inhabited since the 9th century. Easily reachable on foot, enjoy the fresh air, the sheep grazing and the groups of artists who use this village as inspiration for their watercolor paintings.
  • La villa romana (archeological site), The only Roman era villa excavated so far on the eastern shores of Lake Garda. It was found in 2004 at the church of San Zeno in Castelletto. This villa is identified as ‘lakeside residential’ and was divided over several terraces sloping down to the lake. Recently brought to light are the paved mosaic and an arch that would suggest the existence of another floor, which is no longer traceable
  • Discover the history the Little Sisters of the Holy Family A guide will take you to visit the Museo Entografico, where Madre Maria Mantonvani was born. You will also visit the remains of the Blessed Giuseppe Nascimbeni and Mother Maria Mantovani, the General House of the order and the Chapel – now that is something you cannot do at a hotels!
  • Discover the Alto Lago (northern side), where you will find the museum of the lemon groves, birthplace of Bishop Comboni or Castello Scaligero di Sirmione, Santuario Madonna della Corona and for families the Jungle Adventure Park is always a favourite!
  • Discover the Basso Lago (southern side) and take a step back in time at Castello di Torri del Benaco or enjoy the local grape varieties at the wineries and the museum of wine in Bardolino.
  • Take the ferry there is no better way to enjoy a Lake Garda holiday than by boat! Take the many ferries to all the major towns around the Lago di Garda and do not forget to explore the stunning Isola di Garda, the lake’s biggest and most spectacular island.

Experience authentic Castelletto di Brenzone, Lake Garda
with Monastery Stays

The Garda Family House (VEC113)Brenzone, Lake Garda, Veneto

From €41.00pp/n

Whatever it is you are looking for – The Garda Family House (VEC113) – and their amazing staff are always happy to provide local tips and tricks to see the best that Castelletto di Brenzone and the Lake Garda area has to offer.

So, if you are looking to spend some time exploring the wonderful sights and delights of the lakes of Veneto, put Castelletto di Brenzone, Lake Garda on your travel plan today!

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